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Our Mission Is to Serve the Community

Comenium is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising new generation of Czech and Slovak language speakers in the US – greater Philadelphia region. Our mission is to serve the community via offering quality language and cultural education to the children of Czech and Slovak descent.

Comprehensive Approach to Learning

The program of the Czech and Slovak school in Philadelphia is based on comprehensive approach to learning modern Czech and Slovak language with a curriculum designed for school-aged children. The program incorporates the National Curriculum Standards for Elementary school to effectively educate about the critical aspects of language acquisition, including grammar, reading comprehension, writing skills and oral communication.

Through culturally-rich activities interwoven in the curriculum, students learn to understand the fundamentals of the country’s history, geography and ethnic life.

Children Are More Willing to Use the Language

Because children feel they are part of a community, they are more likely to develop positive attitude towards both cultures.  This is reflected in their enhanced willingness to actively use their second language in their homes.